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Library Services. Library Rules. Sites Which Falls in Public Domain. In Madge died, but what was the cause of her death? Karl Kennedy is a character in which Australian soap opera? In which year did Karl Kennedy appear on the scene , or ? Karl was named after which Communist revolutionary icon? True or false: in the actor who played Karl Kennedy appeared as a mechanic in Neighbours? Dannii appeared in Home and Away between and as which character? Is Dannii younger or older than her sister? On which talent show was Dannii a judge and mentor alongside Simon Cowell?

True or false: following on from the previous question, Dannii was responsible for the departure of Sharon Osbourne? True or false: Dannii posed nude in Playboy magazine after her divorce from Julian McMahon and it became one of the best-selling editions? In , which UK music programme did Dannii host?

In which year did Heath appear in Home and Away , or ? Heath was an avid player of which board game — Chess, Backgammon or Monopoly? In which city in Western Australia was Heath born? In which year was Heath born - , or ? In how many films did Heath appear - 17, 18 or 19? Heath portrayed a gay cowboy in which controversial film? Can you name the film in which Heath played The Joker? Lynne McGranger plays the role of Irene Roberts in which soap opera? In which year was Lynne born - , or ? In which year was Lynne made a permanent cast member of Home and Away - , or ?

In which show does Lynne appear every Friday at In which Australian soap opera did Naomi Watts appear? Following on from the previous question, can you name the character she played and in what year? True or false: Naomi was born in Australia? Naomi starred in her most commercially successful film, King Kong, in , playing which character? Naomi had wanted to be an actress ever since watching which film - Fame, Saturday Night Fever or Grease?

Colleen Smart is a fictional character in which Australian soap opera? In which year did Colleen become a regular character , or ? Who held Colleen as a hostage in the Summer Bay house? True or false: Colleen dreamt of being a Stewart when she was growing up? In which year did Alf make his first appearance - , or ? What is the name of the actor who plays Alf?

Who dated Alf, but was secretly after his money and was eventually arrested after being caught out by Rachel Armstrong? Aden Jefferies is a fictional character in which Australian soap opera? Can you name the actor who portrays Aden Jefferies? Aden was born in Summer Bay, but who eventually brought him up?

Aden has two older brothers. Aden lives with Nicole and Roman, who are known as which family? Aden decided not to attend university because he wanted to stay in Summer Bay to look after whom? In which daytime soap opera did Christopher appear? In which year was Christopher born — , or ? Following on from the previous question, which character did Christopher play? Christopher played the well-known role of James Herriot in which s and s TV serial?

In Christopher appeared in Casualty as the murderer of which long-standing character? In Christopher appeared as a character called George Swainson in which police drama? In which year did Matt start playing the role of Archie Hallam - , or ? In Matt portrayed Gareth North in which police series set in s Yorkshire? In which year was Matt born - , or ? In which seaport on the Humber Estuary famous for its fish was Matt born? Angela currently appears in Doctors as which character — doctor, paramedic or policewoman? In which year did Angela join the cast of Doctors , or ? Angela played a police officer in Coronation Street, but what was the name of her character?

Angela played another policewoman in which wintrysounding ITV police drama? True or false: Angela played a police officer in The Bill? In Emma portrayed Amanda Clay in which medical drama? In which year was Emma born — , or ? Emma trained as a ballet dancer but had to quit at the age of 15 due to an injury to which part of her body foot, leg or hip?

Emma portrayed Holly Sutton Scorpio in which American medical soap opera? Emma played the role of Fallon Carrington Colby in which s prime-time American soap opera along side Joan Collins? In Emma had a run in which spin-off medical drama of Casualty? In in which police drama did Emma portray drug addict, Ella Winstanley? Adrian appears on the BBC daytime soap Doctors, playing which character? In which year was Adrian born — , or ? True or false: Adrian is Irish? In which other TV medical drama has Adrian appeared?

Following on from the previous question, what was the name of his character? Adrian played the role of Marius in which West End theatre production? In which year did Adrian join the cast of Doctors , or ?

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Diane portrays Julia Parsons in which medical drama? Diane was born in London in which year - , or ?

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In Diane portrayed the receptionist at the Feathers Hotel Connelton in which British country soap opera? Diane had a role in which Liverpool-based former soap opera?

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Diane became a regular in which Ruth Rendell mystery, portraying the wife of Inspector Burden? Anita currently appears in Doctors, playing which character? Until recently Anita was best known as Joyce Smedley in which soap opera? In the s Anita appeared in two police dramas. One of them was Z Cars, but what was the other one, starring Jack Warner? Anita had a small role as a voice actor playing Venant in which PlayStation game? True or false: Anita is related to Jim Carrey? Kennedy or Bob Dylan? Simon portrayed Harry Harper in which medical drama?

In which year did Harry Harper arrive on our screens — , or ? Simon initially planned to join the RAF, but failed the medical on what grounds — physical fitness, flat feet or eyesight test? Simon starred alongside Jane Wyman in which s and s American prime-time soap opera set around the Channing family, in which he portrayed Greg Reardon?

Simon was born in Ely, Cambridgeshire, in which year - , or ?

Where did Simon marry his second wife - Vanuatu, Tonga or Fiji? Charles plays a porter in which medical drama? Between and Charles played Dennis Stringer in which soap opera? Charles starred as Clive, one of three brothers, in which show that was originally called Paradise Heights? How many times has Charles appeared in Casualty - 1, 2 or 3? Caroline portrays executive director Marilyn Fox in which medical drama? Caroline portrayed Georgina Channing alongside an ex-Professionals star in which legal drama?

Leanne is best known for playing a nurse called Claire Guildford in which medical drama? In which other medical drama has Leanne appeared, as Candy Williams? Leanne appeared in which celebrity game show that was a spin-off of Top Gear? Charlie Fairhead is a character in which BBC medical drama? Can you name the actor who portrays Charlie Fairhead?

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In which year did Charlie make his first appearance , or ? Following on from the previous question, which car did it replace - Mini, Ford Cortina or Morris Traveller? Ruth Winters is a character in which medical drama? In which year did Ruth join the medical team she is associated with - , or ? What is the name of the actress who plays Ruth Winters? Ruth had wanted to become a doctor since the age of what - 8, 9 or 10?

Which other character joined the show on the same day as Ruth? Ruth had to face some old demons when which patient was brought into casualty - her mother, her estranged father or her long lost sister? What situation led to Ruth attempting suicide? Who found Ruth hanging in her room? Who was Ruth Winters in her past life in Coronation Street? Josh Griffiths was a character in which medical drama? Can you name the actor who portrayed Josh? True or false: Josh received a long-service medal from Prince Charles? What was the name of the female attacker who stabbed Josh in the neck in the back of an ambulance - Paula, Tara or Laura?

Josh left in , but later returned from which country - India, Bangladesh or Pakistan? Paul is best known for playing the role of Nigel Bates in which soap opera? Since Paul has appeared in Holby City, but can you name his character? Paul co-leads a folk band as a guitarist and vocalist. Paul appeared in which s comedy sci-fi series as Chen, alongside Craig Charles who plays Lloyd in Coronation Street? True or false: Paul adopts the same hero as Anita Carey of Doctors fame? In which year was Paul born - , or ? In which year did Robert join Holby City - , or ?

Robert was born in Salford in which year - , or ? Robert is most famous for his title role in which Franco Zeffirelli production, in which he starred alongside Sir Laurence Olivier? In Robert stepped into the leading role as Richard Hannay in the third film version of which John Buchan novel? Robert appeared in which sitcom with Jasper Carrott of game show Golden Balls fame? In Robert landed his first starring role as Yellow alongside Michael Cain in which film featuring three Minis?

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Between and Patsy played Sadie King in which Yorkshire soap opera? In Patsy began her role as Faye Morton in which medical drama? In which other medical drama did Patsy make a guest appearance? Patsy appeared in The Great Gatsby starring Mia Farrow, whom she would later portray in which biopic? Patsy is divorced from which Oasis brother? Sharon is well known for portraying Lola Griffin in which medical drama? In which year did Sharon appear as Lola - , or ? On which ward does Lola work? In and Sharon portrayed Rafiki the monkey in which stage play of a Walt Disney picture?

In which year did Abra first appear on our screens , or ? How many times has Abra reappeared - 4, 5 or 6? With which character was Abra romantically involved? Abra fancied which female surgeon, who died after her car collided with a train? Abra performed an illegal transplant with the liver of which animal - cow, pig or goat? Ric Griffin is a fictional character in which medical drama? Which actor portrays Ric Griffin? In which year did Ric first appear on-screen - , or ? True or false: Ric is the second longest-serving main character in the show after Chrissie Williams?

How many times has Ric been married - 1, 3 or 5? Jayne Grayson is a chief executive officer in which medical drama? In which year did Jayne appear in her new role - , or ? What nationality is Jane? Jayne appeared in which crossover show? True or false: Jayne ousted her own father from the family business in a hostile takeover? Jayne urged which bespectacled religious surgeon to do whatever he could to save her son, Christian?

What is the name of the actress who plays Jayne Grayson? Patrick played a slave in a play by Simon Schama called Rough Crossings. Can you name the slave, who went on to become a leader in Sierra Leone? Since Patrick has appeared as Jacob Banks in which police drama? In which year was Patrick born - , or ? In which year did Daniel join The Bill - , or ?

What is his first name? True or false: Daniel is a distant relation of actor Errol Flynn? Daniel is said to be a descendent of which 17th century MP who is best known for his involvement in making England a republic and signed King Charles 1 death warrant? Daniel played which character in the film Biggles Ginger, Strawberry or Blondie? Gina Gold was a character from which police drama? In which year did Gina Gold first appear on-screen , or ? Gina had an emotional farewell with which Sergeant Johnny, Smithy or Danny?

In which soap opera had Gina starred prior to joining The Bill?

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Louisa rose to fame in when she joined which soap opera? Louisa was born in Camden in which year - , or ? Jack Meadows is a character in which police drama? Meadows had been demoted from which previous position - Detective Constable, Detective Sergeant or Detective Superintendent? In which year did Jack Meadows arrive permanently in Sun Hill — , or ? Which fast food does Meadows like for lunch? Which colleague did June marry and subsequently divorce because of his gambling addiction?

Which police constable, played by Todd Carty, tried to convince June that he was her long lost son and in the end committed suicide? June was the last of the original characters after how many years on the show - 21, 22 or 23?

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June was the favourite character of which prince — William, Harry or Charles? Which character succeeded June, played by actor Sam Callis? Terry Perkins is a character in which ITV police drama? In which year did Terry arrive, in episode number - , or ? True or false: Terry married his wife, Helen, for a second time?

How many children does Terry have? Which member of the royal family appeared on Coronation Street in a news report by Trevor McDonald, which celebrated its 40th year? Which Titanic actress appeared as Suzanne in Casualty in ? Which elf-prince and pirate appeared in Casualty as an extra for three episodes between and ? In EastEnders, which character celebrated his 40th birthday on Friday 27 February ?

In Emmerdale, which two boys fought over Victoria? In Hollyoaks, who lashed out at Lydia when she saw her in a clinch with Josh? In Neighbours, which family left Ramsay Street in after only two years in the soap? In Doctors, who treated a patient that claimed to see fairies at the bottom of his garden? What is the name of the fictional tube station in EastEnders? What is the phone number of Sun Hill Police Station , or ?

In which soap opera does the character Rosie Webster appear? Who is the longest-running UK soap opera actor? Which EastEnders character started with a metal pole impaled through his stomach? Following on from the previous question, which loud-mouthed redhead returned at the same time? Willy was the name of a famous dog from which soap opera? In Coronation Street, who tried to kill Dev and Sunita? In EastEnders, who was buried alive in Epping Forest? In Emmerdale, what is the name of the vet who chased Chas Dingle? In Holby City, which consultant could not convince Faye of his love and bedded Jac?

Consultant Nick Jordan from Casualty had a love interest with which cardio-thoracic registrar from Holby City? Following on from the previous question, whom did Steve McDonald dump for Becky? In Emmerdale, which two characters entered into a civil partnership on 3 March , split and almost got divorced, and then flew off to Australia together? In EastEnders the rape of Kathy Beale by James Wilmott-Brown was one of the more controversial storylines, but in which year did it occur - , or ?

The village of Emmerdale was known as Beckindale until which year - , or ? In which year was Hollyoaks the only soap opera to be nominated in every category at The British Soap Awards, going on to win three at the ceremony - , or ? In Neighbours, in which year did Scott and Charlene get married - , or ?

In which year did Robert Powell portray Jesus of Nazareth - , or ? In which year did The Bill celebrate its 10th anniversary — , or ? Can you name where one of them is situated? Name the farm where Andy Sugden lives and works in Emmerdale? Following on from the previous question, can you name the estate where the farm is located?

Which soap opera hospital is based on the Bristol Royal Infirmary? Who lives at No. Actress Anne Charleston arrived in Emmerdale in , but what was the name of the on-screen hus band she left in Neighbours? In The Bill, what is the name of the daughter of single mother, Samantha Nixon? Harry Harper left Casualty in , but can you name his daughter? Can you name the widow he left behind? Name the character in EastEnders who died in as a result of a blow to the head in a prison riot that led to a brain haemorrhage after his release while he was working on his allotment. Which character died twice in EastEnders?

On Christmas Day , Lou Beale was the first EastEnders character to be created, but which actress portrayed her? Continuing from the previous question, the character was also played by which actress in an EastEnders special - Karen Meagher, Karen Meacher or Karen Meaton?

Joe Sugden was a main character in Emmerdale between and In , where did he move to and how did he die? The first episode of Emmerdale Farm opened with the funeral of which Sugden character in ? Charlie Fairhead is one of the original characters in Casualty and married which other character, who left and returned a decade later? Name the stand-up comedian and presenter who guest appeared on The Bill in who resigned from BBC radio 2 after a prank call conducted with Jonathan Ross?

Name the Casualty spin-off, which has occasional crossover mini-dramas with Casualty. Name the EastEnders show available to digital viewers and presented by Angellica Bell? What are the titles of the historical medical dramas, which are an extension of Casualty, set in The Royal London Hospital years previously?

Rearrange the following letters to reveal the young character who lives at No. Mo Harris Doctors Daz Eden Hollyoaks Betty Williams The Queen Victoria is often referred to in which two abbreviated forms? What was the original name of The Queen Victoria? In the s, what colour was The Queen Victoria painted? Who set fire to The Queen Victoria for insurance money?

leondumoulin.nl/language/known/i-know-what-is.php Who were the first landlords of The Queen Victoria? Eddie Royle became the landlord in but was murdered by which character after just one year in charge? As of March , who is the licensee of The Queen Victoria? In which year was the Rovers Return Inn built and run by Jim Corbishley for 17 years - , or ? The Rovers Return Inn occupies the corner of which two streets? The Rovers Return Inn was originally owned by which fictional brewery? In which year did the Rovers Return Inn become a free house — , or ?

Annie Walker was the landlady for how many years 26, 36 or 46? Who was arguably the most famous barmaid of the Rovers Return Inn? Which popular culinary delight is a mainstay of the Rovers Return Inn fare - pie and mash, cottage pie or hotpot? Mike Baldwin and Duggie Ferguson bought the Rovers Return Inn in , but who was the third person in the three-man consortium? What was the name of the second pub that was used for The Woolpack? In , which duo became the landlords of The Woolpack? True or false: following on from the previous question, the duo were held at gun point in a robbery in ?

Which gamekeeper appeared in to become one of the most well-known locals - Frank Tate, Seth Armstrong or Eric Pollard? In , which two Blackstocks became landladies? The Queen Victoria public house 2. Tony Warren Weatherfield Granada Television Jubilee Street The Kabin Emmerdale Farm The Sugden family United Kingdom Cheshire Tony Hatch Sydney The Stewart family Pippa and Tom Fletcher Alan Bateman Michael Faraday.

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